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The UK Lithuanian Students‘ Association, is an exclusive Lithuanian students’ club aiming to unite the students and alumni of prestigious UK universities. The association was established in 2021, currently uniting communities and having its representatives in over 20 UK’s higher education institutions, such as Oxford, KCL, UCL, Cambridge and many others.The main aims of the UK LSA are making a platform for connections building between the Lithuanian students as well as cherishing the Lithuanian identity and culture. The UK LSA organises parties, social gatherings, commemorations, and many other types of events all over the United Kingdom.

Core Team

Marija Žikevičiūtė
The University of Southampton
Ugnius Mardosa
Chairman of the Council
University of Westminster
Vestina Gradzevičiūtė
Vice President
The University of Greenwich
Viltė Juozokaitė
Vice president
The University of Edinburgh
Martyna Gražinytė
Vice President
The University of Manchester
Fausta Zykutė
Head of Finance
Queen Mary University of London
Ieva Jacevičiūtė
Head of Events
Lancaster University
Arnas Stasiulis
Head of Technology
The University of Manchester
Justas Petrauskas
Coordinator of Ambassadors
The University of Oxford
Dovydas Šotland-Juzefovičius
Head of External Relations
King's College of London


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