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NLT Students Association is non-governmental youth organisation in The Netherlands which connects fellow Lithuanians studying and living here. In 2022, February, the organisation started its way in royal capital of The Netherlands - The Hague. For this day, we have members all over the country - from Maastricht to Groningen. Together, students can solve living challenges as well as spend time together playing pool or going to concerts. This hub is a place for everyone to enjoy unofficial or sometimes official environment, to make life long friends and make the experience in The Netherlands the best time of life. If you want to join us - reach out through our Facebook group! We are seeking to perform and share the values of inclusivity, community and cooperation.

Core Team

Agita Beržanskaitė
The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Dovilė Jozėnaitė
Leiden University
Gustė Ramonaitė
Member of The Board
Leiden University
Aistis Pučinskas
Member of The Board
Inholland University of Applied Sciences
Rosita Surgautaitė
Member of The Board
The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Paulius Bašinskas
Member of The Board
Tilburg University
Paulius Volčokas
Member of The Board
Eindhoven University of Technology


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